Green Addition


Per the advice of H over at Learning to Run, I added this green stuff to my daily routine. At some point, usually in the morning, the boys request a smoothie, so I make theirs, and then one for me, adding this stuff in. It makes everything green but the flavor is fine, I don’t mind it. A few strawberries, a few blueberries, a half a banana and a light n fit yogurt, and it’s yummy.

I had a weigh in and measurement yesterday at nutrition class (week 3) and it was less painful than I thought. The weight loss was as expected, but the inches around my waist surprised me. It was only down an inch, and a lot of my pants don’t fit any more, so I’m wondering if it was correct. The assistant that they have doing a lot of the weigh in stuff isn’t my favorite, she’s kind of condescending and annoying. The other ladies are great, so it balances out. Everyone in the group had a weight loss to celebrate, so that was also nice. There’s a guy that just goes on and on and interrupts the class every 5 minutes, but he clearly needs to get some stuff out, so it’s tolerable.

I went to Barnes and Noble yesterday and got a skinny mocha. Turns out I do not like skinny mochas. I was under the assumption that I did, because the last time I ordered one, it tasted great, and I asked the barista if it was, indeed, a skinny mocha. She assured me it was. It was not, because I watched the guy make it yesterday, and he used the sugar free syrup and the fat free milk, and it was nothing like the supposed skinny mocha that wasn’t really skinny. Sigh. I was really hoping I could have one of those once in a while and enjoy it for 130 calories instead of the nearly 400 the regular ones are. I can’t even count how many venti cafe mochas with toffee nut I’ve drunk over the past three years. One a week? That’s a TON of calories. I really like them. The Skinny version suuuucks. I nearly cried in the car over the loss of the tasty skinny mocha. OK, one more time, I’m going to type skinny mocha. 🙂



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3 responses to “Green Addition

  1. spottedimages

    I HATE giving up things. Such as ice cream. I’ve tried the alternatives in an attempt to convince myself they are satisfying. Yeah, not so much. Love that you are loving the green juice 🙂

    • Today I had a mocha latte with fat free milk and the “real” syrups and it was much better, but there goes my sugar for the whole day. I’d much rather have fruit and go with the sugar free syrups I think. I really really miss chocolate. I wish I was OK with having it in small quantities, but once I start eating it, it’s hard to stop. Just avoiding it in the first place seems to work better. And my stomach will get used to this green juice, right? I seem to be spending extra time in the bathroom… 😉

      • spottedimages

        Yes! At least mine got used to it. It was almost like a “cleanse” at first. Completely cleared up my schedule induced IBS I have had for YEARS! It has been like a miracle for me!

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