Is This Her Year?


I am so nervous. We actually have a real chance, and because I know this, I am freaking out just a little on the inside. Ginger is one of those complete packages that you hope for in a breeding program; she’s the real deal.

It’s kind of funny that I’m staring at the styrofoam box she arrived in. Well, half of her. All the way from Illinois, a tube of sperm came overnight express on a Saturday (wow, is that ever expensive) and within an hour, Luci was all spermed up. 63 days later, we had our first litter of Spinone, and being the obsessive (Hi, Heather) breeders that we are, we kept two out of 9.

Through a series of events, much too many to write about in a single post, Ginger lives with her best friend and confidant, and that person is not me. I still technically own her, and will be planning, whelping and raising any litter she may have, but she’s their dog. I’m just along for the awesome ride. We’re a team. Team Ginger. She’s sexy and she knows it….Look at that Body…she works OOOUUUT.

I leave for NYC on Saturday to join Team Ginger at the Pennsylvania Hotel for 5 days of dog obsession. It’s THE show of the season. I can’t say it out loud, it’s bad luck. It’s the big one, on TV, held at Madison Square Garden. Even though we usually have a dog entered every year, this is different…I have butterflies swarming in my stomach and it’s Thursday. I hope that’s a good sign.



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2 responses to “Is This Her Year?

  1. spottedimages

    I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU GUYS!!!!! And your obsessive breeding program that may have produced a “c” at the big show (not saying the rest of the word!)!!!

    I would love to see an update while you are away if you have time!

  2. Wheeeee!! You have to tell me everything so I can understand better. Pretty much, I’ve seen Best In Show about a dozen times. So I know you will be bringing a lot of kimonos and making album about it later. You can fill me in from there.

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