Summer Camp, Day 5 Birthday Wishes

DAY5:  What do you prefer to do on your birthday?

Ah, July, it’s my birthday month! I prefer my birthday fall on a Friday or Saturday EVERY year, but that doesn’t happen, of course. I like it to be an automatic day off for most! I love parties and presents and truth be told, I adore my birthday. Years ago, I decided that on my birthday, I’d go to a zoo. A different one each year. Best Zoo Trip? Cairo, Egypt, in 2001. Next Best? The National Zoo in DC a few years ago, although it was SO hot and all the animals hid inside their caves or holes. I envied them their shade, it was so freakin hot.

This year I was already told what I’m getting. LAME. The extended warranty for my iPad. So exciting. What I really want, and ask for every year, is a PONY. I have yet to get this pony.


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