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Covered Up


I was supposed to leave this morning, and be halfway to NYC by now…but instead, we’re under two feet plus of snow. I can’t complain too much, or too loudly, because this white stuff really is money falling from the sky for us. When things are this slow, plowing money gets us through. It’s been a rough winter, and this will help a lot.

When I called to reschedule my bus ticket to Sunday, and “the system” was down at Ride C&J, the woman on the phone kindly offered to call me back on Monday to reschedule. Nice. When I explained that I would like to be there before Monday, hence rescheduling to Sunday…she seemed perplexed. I offered to call back later, as I’m sure it was snow madness creeping into her brain.

The dog of the hour is tucked in and comfy warm in her hotel room, waiting for the rest of her cheering section to arrive. I can’t wait to get on the road, once they’re clear of snow and ice.


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