Summer Camp, Day 4 Being an Adult

Day 4– What has most surprised you about being an adult? What have you learned about yourself through blogging?

Surprises about being an adult? For a while I think I was waiting for my life to begin and for too many years kept waiting for things to get going, not realizing that life was happening RIGHT NOW. Good, bad, ugly, this was it, I was in the middle of it and that really and truly, decisions I was making were really impacting how things were going to happen in the future.
Hearing the word “no” about something I really wanted was something that took some getting used to. Not that I was spoiled in any way, I heard the word “no” plenty of times, but never about something that I needed or was willing to work for. The concept that some doors were just shut, surprised me.
I was very sheltered from bad things and bad people, and learning that these things- existed in large quantities in the world outside my tiny bubble shocked the hell out of me.  No one died, no one was sick, no one was homeless or scared, and it was a rude awakening, this big bad world.

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