It’s a…Peanut?

So here’s the quick version of how a peanut came to be: T and I decided that f B was ever going to have a sibling in this lifetime that we better get, er, busy. Heh. So I started charting my cycles via the CBE monitor and apparently should never be allowed to touch such sensitive equipment. Given the fact that it took 10 years (but “only” 6 years of serious monitoring and assistance) to conceive B, we thought we’d have time. Even the monitor seemed to think so. Don’t believe these complicated and tricky machines, they’re way beyond human intellect – it told me I ovulated when I was pregnant. Somewhere in the warnings I think it might mention not being accurate for those of us with PCOS, so I’ll forgive it. Pregnant. It took a while to sink in, honestly until yesterday when I saw the little arms waving on the dildo cam. Then all of the sudden it was real and I am in love. With what on the picture I clutched in my hand the entire drive home, looks a lot like a peanut.



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