Steps and Esssss

It was a day for firsts around here yesterday.

Steps.  We’ve been working on one step and then LUNGE.  Yesterday we had two steps, unassisted and then the bend and plop.  It’s like he’s wearing lead shoes, or he doesn’t quite know that his feet are attached, the way he lurches them forward. It’s so hard for me to keep myself from helping.  I want to help.  I will totally be writing all of his homework by the time he’s 10.

Words.  We had a “real” word or two, other than mama and dada, and while they were in the right context, it just didn’t feel like real words were coming out.  Well, yesterday I thought I heard one.  And today two other people confirmed, that yes, I wasn’t hearing things just because I wanted to.  In response to my question “do you want a cracker?”  “Ca Ca”.  *squee* Me:  “Do you want cream cheese on it?”  “Eesssss”.  *swoon*

Later on, just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke, even though at this point I’d heard it quite a few times, Me: B, Are you hungry?  ” Eesssss”  Me:  Do you want a banana?”  Shakes head back and forth and blows a raspberry.  Sigh.  I am in complete love with this ever changing person.   Now, to capture it on video.


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  1. Yes, video please! I can’t believe you’re getting words, that’s so amazing!

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