Love and HP but not both

I was so excited when a friend asked me to go to a girl’s night out at the movies.  I think in my excitement I misheard her say the plan was to go to see the latest HP because, as I posted in my last entry here, I really want to see it.  So, I put in the words “Harry Potter” in place of “Love and Other Drugs”.  Big leap, I know, but I really did think the plan was to see HP.  So imagine my disappointment when I got a text asking if we were still on, and in response to my enthusiastic YES, I read “see you at 7:20 for Love and….”.

Now normally I would go with the flow and drive down 40 minutes, pay the ridiculous price for a ticket without question, but things are tight and my entertainment money is going to that HP ticket, by golly, not some sappy movie that will probably make me feel bad anyways.  I want to see something entertaining, something flashy and fantastic.  So, being the coward I can sometimes be, I backed out and cried car trouble.  Wow, really grown up and mature.  I knew she wouldn’t take no for an answer, and my van really is a pile of crap, so this isn’t a far fetched tail.  I wish I had enough funds and such to do both, but I AM going to see that movie, and I didn’t feel like explaining why I couldn’t do both to her.  Sigh.


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  1. Hey, I can’t say I blame you! XD

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