How Harry Potter is making me feel like a grownup

I want to go to see the newest installment.  And in the not too distant past,  I’ve been known to go to a midnight show.  Or wait in line for hours for the midnight release of the latest book all by myself and read most of it in the parking lot, wearing the car battery down so that it won’t start…ah, those were the days.

A little voice in my head urged me to go, it was small and kind of weak and a bit whiny.  The stronger voice said “get yer ass to bed” and I listen to that grown-up sounding voice a lot more lately, it seems.  I still want to see this sure-to-be-awesome movie but the fact that it can wait a bit seems slightly odd somehow. Not too long ago these things  couldn’t wait, or at least not much kept me from doing things like midnight movies or buying an expensive hardcover book, or wasting valuable sleep time.

I feel blips of envy for that freedom every now and then.


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