The lights are going down on another tough day.  Not impossible, surely, but tough for sure.  An email came this morning canceling a huge job for T that we were desperately counting on and were holding our collective breaths to come through.  Over the weekend T met with the homeowner and came away with a deposit check.  Seemed to be a go-ahead sign.  No such luck, as this morning’s email detailed, they too are having money issues and something on his end fell through, causing a nasty chain reaction that essentially means that the rent check that I wrote on Saturday will not be clearing.   And the suckage continues.  I got my hopes up that THIS would be the month that we pulled out of the deep well that keeps on getting deeper.

Of course there are good things, bright and shiny good things.  But it’s getting harder and harder to see them shine when it all hangs on such a thin thread.  The stress is literally making my hair fall out.


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