Grumpy Fog

So these hormones?  They’re having way more influence on me than I’d like.  Way more, to the point of scaring me.  Yesterday I was in a BAD mood most of the day.  Little things set me off, but they have for months now, so nothing really new.  Today I woke up in a weird fog of anger and frustration.  Luci and I cuddled in bed after T got up to check the weather.  Her constant gas annoyed me because all I wanted to do was pet her and enjoy our mutual pregnancy for a while, and she was making the room unbearable.  Which is a good sign she is indeed knocked up.  But it doesn’t make for a pleasant bed mate.  Neither do I.  Gross.  So this was annoying.  I got up, and the first thing that greeted me in my email inbox was a note saying that the only decision I made yesterday, and to be honest it was the first independent decision I’ve made in a while, was “wrong” and needed to be changed.  The food I’d chosen for MY shower wasn’t what everyone else wanted to order from my favorite Italian food source.  I had to call the owner and ask for a last minute change, something I HATE doing because it seems confrontational to change things last minute on someone, and besides, it’s what I wanted.  Sigh.  Next, I went to the kitchen to make a toaster waffle or two.  Turns out we only had one left in the kitchen, so one it was.  I don’t generally eat things like this, but the past 2 weeks, I’ve lived on toaster waffles and C.arnation Instant B.reakfast.  It makes my tummy happy and seems to keep me at a constant weight instead of the constant losing I was having, making the doctors and T nervous.  Why?  I’m FAT.  It’s OK for me to lose weight.  Great in fact.  Back off.  See?  Super Grumpy.


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