36 weeks and 4 days but a 37 week appointment

Things are getting more uncomfortable with each breath I take.  Ever fall on your bike and bruise your pubic bone?  That’s what it feels like when I walk.  All bruised and sore.  Ick. Today’s internal exam to check for cervix changes resulted in bleeding, a first for me during this entire process and I have to say it freaked me out.  I never had implantation bleeding, not a drop of blood to be seen for 9 entire months, so when I saw the blood on the cloth, my heart skipped a quick beat before I reminded myself that it was completely normal.  Still, I was a little shaky for about 20 minutes after.  Next week we’re having another US scan to check the monster’s weight again.  T calls him Little Dude.  In my head I call him lumpy.  But I was told this was a mean nickname for a child to be born with so I’ve kept it to myself.

Today I have baking plans.  Bread and cupcakes.  Bread first, and then cupcakes, because they are rather ambitious cupcakes from last year’s Martha S.tewart Valentine’s day magazine, with fondant and the need for a pastry bag, oh my!  They’re supposed to turn out to look like little monkeys.  We’ll see about that.

I perhaps had a small pouting fit when we were leaving the hospital parking lot for no apparent reason.  I swear there was a reason when it was happening but I can’t come up with it now.  The elevator was slow.  And the guy that boarded on the 3rd floor smelled so strongly of cheap pine scented cologne that I nearly gagged.  Then the valet was slow with the car (T is on crutches and we’ve been taking advantage of the free valet service) and T perhaps made a comment that I am overly sensitive when getting an internal exam.  All of this made me cranky and it doesn’t seem to take much these days.  “why do you get all red in the face and squirm during the exam?”  Hmmmm, perhaps I don’t enjoy someone sticking their entire hand up inside of me and feeling around to what feels like a point beyond their elbow?  It’s not my idea of a good time.  Today it hurt and I squirmed around.  So sue me.


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